Godly Play

During the academic year, St. Philip’s offers a time of spiritual formation during our Sunday School hour, 9:30 am -10:15 am each Sunday. Using the Godly Play curriculum, children are introduced to the stories in the Bible and encouraged to explore their faith through wonder and play. This transformative approach to faith education helps build a strong spiritual foundation. We encourage you to come and see what Godly Play is all about and how it can benefit your child.

Children’s Liturgy

Our Children's Sunday School is a time to share the Word of God in a fun, educational and worship-filled environment. Through the use of our adapted Children's Liturgy, our children interact with the Sunday lectionary through reading, story-telling, and arts and crafts. The children gather in the church for worship with their families, and will be led out in procession for their own liturgy before the reading of the first lesson. The children return to church in time for the Offertory and Communion so that they may participate in the worship of our Lord and receive the Holy Sacrament. Ages 3-13 are welcome. .